AlphaSwitch Training

Build yourself a muscular suit of armor and be more energetic than ever before.  Dr. Young's European derived AlphaSwitch Training program resets the metabolic switch and fuels every cell of your body for maximum performance.  By combining 5 metabolic invigorators, Dr. Young has truly found a potential fountain of youth.  Make an appointment today for a consultation and learn how 2 forty-five minute sessions per week can enhance your life and bring back lost vitality and energy.  949-281-6853

Speaking of flipping your metabolic switch, try our AlphaSwitch Metabolic Training Program. If you’re looking to naturally maximize your physical potential in whatever sport you participate in, this five-point formula gives you the edge. While we do not claim that cryostimulation alone makes you lose weight, we are confident to make it a main component of our weight loss system. The other aspects of AlphaSwitch include stimulation with a certain frequency vibration, brief intense exercise, an antioxidant rich diet and intermittent fasting. Dr. Young derived this program while living 20 years in The Netherlands. There he worked with numerous athletes and became an expert in Power Plate Vibration Based Training. Come in for a consultation and find out more about this cutting-edge training program



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