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Bringing Whole Body Cryotherapy and Chiropractic to Orange County!


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Cold Rush Wellness

Choose Health For Your Children's Present and Future


In this day and age we are so open to providing our kids with medications and other quick-fix pharmaceutical treatments for the common cold, flu, sinus infections, skin conditions, inflammation, and other ailments. These quick-fix treatments are often just a band-aid to cover up symptoms without actually treating the core cause of the symptoms or boosting the body’s immune system so that it can do its job to recover. Instead, these quick-fix treatments actually harm the immune system (and the gut where it lives) making the body more susceptible to getting the same infection again. This damage to the gut from pharmaceutical drugs is why the rate of autoimmune and other chronic conditions among children and young adults growing up today is rapidly increasing. Cryostimulation can immediately reduce inflammation, clean the lymphatic system naturally so that the body can rid itself of infections, and simultaneously boost the immune system so that any infection is fully fought off and flushed out, and can’t pop back up in the future. Cryostimulation is one of the most effective, safe, and natural quick-fix AND long-term solutions to many infections or conditions children might face. With consistent use, Cryostimulation along with proper nutrition can even rebuild the damage to the intestinal lining caused by prior medication use. Choose Cryostimulation to ensure your children a healthy present and future.