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Bringing Whole Body Cryotherapy and Chiropractic to Orange County!


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Cold Rush Wellness

Cold Rush Wellness and Kids

Cryotherapy helps with attention problems in children.
Children are very "right brained" which contains the emotional part of the brain. When they are overwhelmed or frustrated they become rigid and that's when tantrums can happen. Their attention spans become extremely short as well. A good dose of nitrogen-powered LOCAL CRYOTHERAPY to their scalp boosts serotonin while reducing cortisol levels putting a child in a much more relaxed state. This can break the cycle of rigidity and improve their attention span once again.

Cold Rush Wellness

10 Reasons To Start Your Year Off With Cryotherapy

10 Reasons to Start Your Year off with Cryotherapy:

1. Lose the holiday weight by burning 500 calories per session in our AlphaSwitch Cryosauna.

2. Ease that pain and discomfort throughout your body by exposing yourself to -220 F for a couple of minutes.

3. Tighten skin. The cold exposures stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in your skin.

4. Boost your immune system. For many, cold and flu season is already here. Whole Body Cryotherapy strengthens your body's ability to fight off these nasty viruses.

5. Energize yourself. Studies show that regular exposure to extreme cold stimulates the production of an extremely important enzyme for energy production.

6. Improve your sleep. Everyone who does the cryosauna on a regular basis claim to have improved sleep. They wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

7. Get rid of inflammation. There's nothing more powerful than Whole Body Cryotherapy for stimulating the production of anti-inflammatory proteins.

8. Mental clarity. Cryotherapy boosts serotonin while surpassing cortisol. This puts your mind in a relaxed state while your body heals itself.

9. Cryotherapy gets right to the point. Our sessions last only 2-3 minutes so you get maximum results in the quickest amount of time.

10. Anti-stress. Yes, exposure to extreme cold is the ultimate stressor. Whole Body Cryotherapy forces your body and mind to process stress in a healthy way. If you can handle the cold, you'll find that nothing much bothers you anymore. It's amazing!!

Cold Rush Wellness

Rapid Sport Recovery!

Dr. Scott Young
Scott is recovering in the Cryosauna at Cold Rush Wellness after a great workout at Orange Theory in Laguna Niguel. ❄❄❄❄ "I feel awesome and ready for another workout! Am I supposed to feel this good at 50?

Cold Rush Wellness

Cryosauna Benefits!

Exposure to extreme cold in the Cryosauna will boost your energy level! Stimulate your mitochondrial biogenesis into action!

Cold Rush Wellness

Pary going deep into meditation at -220 F...Pure Zen! ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️