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Bringing Whole Body Cryotherapy and Chiropractic to Orange County!


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Cold Rush Wellness


Here at Cold Rush Wellness we are committed to serving our military veterans with the most effective holistic solutions for their post-war recovery journeys. We recognize their sacrifice to our country with discounted services so that as many veterans as possible have the opportunity to experience what we believe to be the most holistic, cost effective and complete healing solutions to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and post-war injury recovery.  Read More

Cold Rush Wellness

Introducing The Alpha Switch Lifestyle

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Here at Cold Rush Wellness, our licensed practitioners don’t just provide cryostimulation, which, on its own, is being rapidly recognized as one of the greatest detoxing and healing methods of the future. We provide an entirely new method of physical healing and fitness optimization through our five step Alpha Switch program. And cryostimulation, or extreme cold exposure, is only step one. So what is the Alpha Switch Lifestyle, and how can YOU join the AlphaSwitch movement that is taking competitive athletes and wellness lovers across Southern California to entirely new heights and potentials? Appraised throughout the wellness community for his innovative approach to fitness and health optimization, Dr. Scott Young lays out your simple, obtainable, and financially beneficial 5-step answer to optimum health and fitness with the first ever Alpha Switch Lifestyle program right here, right now.

Step 1: Extreme Cold Exposure

Step 2: Vibration

Step 3: Brief Intense Exercise

Step 4: Antioxidant Rich Diet

Step 5: Intermittent Fasting